Thursday, June 12, 2008

you're like the sun....

....chasing all of the rain away, when you come around you bring brighter days....

feeling cheesetastic
two blogs, one day
making up for the lack of one yesterday

living by the moments
the ones that fill my heart
making decisions based on what feel
no logic, no analyzing
it feels surprisingly good
hard to believe that the over thinker
has pretty much stopped thinking

it feels like i have started living...
once i gave up the thinking
my brain has always been my worst enemy
and i have put it in its place... kind of...

its amazing to blog about happy things
to not be crying, or depressed every time i write
to be inspired beauty
not hate and anger
to feel genuinely happy
for my smiles to be real and not forced

i welcome this change....
with open arms...

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