Wednesday, October 22, 2008

american apparel...

if you know me... you probably know that i have a huge disgust for american apparel.. and its not their clothing i hate- although i don't think its anything special. its their ad's. especially the one with the girl in the grey undies in bed with the guy, at his crotch with her tongue sticking out... i just think there is a tactful way to use sex to sell something- and i don't think they achieve it at all.
in fact- when i look at an american apparel ad- it makes me feel dirty.. like i am watching kiddy porn that was filmed in a old mans basement.
i appreciate that they don't airbrush or photoshop their models...
but they all look so sad, so forced, like if i didn't know better i would assume they all were like kept in this guys house for no other purpose other than sex.
i think its disgusting, and very degrading to women... and men. and i wouldn't care, or even know about these ad's if they didn't constantly pop up on my myspace. god damn. anyways- obviously you can tell that i really hate american apparel.. even though i have many a friends who like it. and its actually not the company- its the advertisement- i love the fact that everything is made in the US and all that jazz... but some classier not so dingy ads would be nice. they don't make me want to buy clothes... they make me want to take a shower, and save the models.

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