Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you're right next to me...

...but i need an airplane
i can feel the distance, as you breathe...
...and sometimes, i think you want me to touch you
but how can i, when you build the great wall around you...
...in your eyes, i saw a future together
but you just looked away, in the distance...

when it all starts- you go so out of your way
try so hard to make them know
make them know you like them, that you think they are special
tell them they are beautiful and
every other nice thing you can say...
but eventually it fades...
and becomes routine
and you forget to say those things
and they begin to not feel special...
they beg for those things to be said and shown
but than you don't want to say them...
or show them...
because you are feeling pressured, forced
and eventually that great big flame
is now just a small ember struggling to stay alive

i want the flame back..
it feels like it went out...
i don't want to feel resentment
or anger because you don't say the things i want to hear
or do the things i want you to do
i feel like i put a lot into this
and i just want half (maybe a little more) of what i put in

i want to feel special again-
i want to feel that you want me around...
and not that its just convienant-
i think you know that you are special to me
and that i want you around.

i think its so easy to show me those things
just little tiny things is all it takes...
and i hate feeling that because you don't do them
that it means i'm not worth it.

i want to be worth it.
tell me i'm worth it..

unless i'm not.
don't lie to me.
tell me the truth...
do you want me, this, us
or not?
because if you don't...
than set me free...

i can't walk away- i never could-
because i believe in this.
i believe in us.
and i want you to believe in it too..

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